Support For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Employment legislation is an extremely complex area which is fraught with pitfalls for all employers. Most legislation impacts on all but the very smallest companies, but those with relatively few staff may not feel that they can afford to employ permanent professional HR support, or do employ someone to deal with day to day transactional HR matters but find themselves struggling when something more major happens, such as a claim of discrimination, disciplinary issues, or similar.

Coles HR Ltd offers an ‘HR Maintenance Contract’ to organisations too small to employ their own HR professional. With annual fees depending on the number of employees, this service enables 2 or 3 named individuals to contact the nominated advisor to seek telephone or email support on issues and problems facing the organisation. Further, more detailed, work can be carried out if requested on a day rate.

Coles HR can provide support to SMEs in a number of areas:


Policy Matters

HR Guidance & Advice

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