Selection & Assessment

Competency-Based Assessment Processes

  • Identification of relevant competencies against which to assess, using the organisationís own competency system, sector standards or generic competencies.
  • Determination of appropriate assessment methodologies.
  • Drawing up competency based interview schemas / interview questions together with identification of model answers alongside in-house specialists where appropriate.
  • Development and delivery of training to managers/assessors in competency based interview techniques and scoring.

Assessment Centre Management

  • Timetabling / scheduling of assessment centres.
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the assessment centre.
  • Facilitating the scoring / moderation session.
  • Providing feedback to candidates on their performance at assessment centre.

Psychometric Tests

  • Carrying out psychometric testing (Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Personality Profiling)
  • Provision of reports outlining the hypotheses which need to be explored further.
  • Inclusion of relevant questions within the competency based interview to explore hypotheses further.
  • Provision of reports outlining the findings of the testing.