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Coles HR Ltd and its professional HR staff have many years experience working in and with the public sector, including for Government Departments, County Councils, Borough Councils, Police Authorities, Fire & Rescue Services, Regional Fire & Rescue Control Centre Companies, Probation Service, Adult Education establishments and Training & Enterprise Councils.

The public sector has some very specific challenges, which Coles HR Ltd is particularly accustomed to, for example:

  • The way in which employment tribunals expect public sector organisations to embody best practice in a way which private companies of the same size might not have to;
  • How the public sector, as an ‘emanation of the state’ is directly subject to European Employment Law rather than just to national law;
  • The often prescriptive nature of terms and conditions of employment in public sector organisations, based upon national negotiations with powerful representative bodies;
  • The frequently highly unionised environment;
  • Financial constraints leading to frequent reorganisations in order to make efficiency savings, and to difficulties with staff morale;
  • Demands that the public sector behave like the private sector – but bound by far more regulation and higher expectations.

Areas where Coles HR could help you include:


Policy Matters

Selection & Assessment


Learning & Development


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