Policy Matters

Policy Audit

  • Carrying out total review of all policies to identify any gaps or where policies need to complement each other.

Policy Development

  • Developing new policies in conjunction with relevant managers / representative bodies, to meet best practice guidelines and the needs of the organisation.

Policy ‘suites’

  • Development of suites of policies which need to inter-related and consistent, eg policies concerning absence management / capability / capacity / discipline, or concerning matters of diversity / work-life balance / flexible working / harassment / dignity at work etc.

Policy Implementation

  • Development of guidance notes to support implementation of policies, for managers, staff and representative bodies.
  • Development and delivery of training materials to ensure understanding of policies and responsibility for implementation.


  • Development of procedures to enable implementation of policies.
  • Development and delivery of training materials to ensure understanding of procedures and responsibility for implementation.

Process Maps

  • Development of process maps to help understanding of policy implementation.

Supporting Paperwork / Templates

  • Development of suitable forms / templates etc to ensure information is recorded appropriately and consistently across the organisation.

Policy Monitoring

  • Development of monitoring templates to enable confidence that policies are being applied consistently across the organisation and to ensure no disproportionate impact based upon race, gender, age, disability, sexuality etc.