Karen Marriott's Achievements & Expertise

·     TUPE / Reorganisations etc.

o    Two years supporting the transfer of staff from 46 Fire & Rescue Services to 9 Regional Control Centre Companies, providing stakeholder support & guidance on policy and legal issues.

o    Successfully transferred staff and business from one organisation to another on one incoming TUPE transfer and one outward.  Management of a complex case, which could have resulted in an employment tribunal if not dealt with sensitively, due to the complexity of the case.  Improving the understanding of managers with regard to HR issues associated with TUPE transfers

o    Supported several restructures, including redundancy matters, within a public sector environment


·     Recruitment / Selection

o    Lead on the procurement of  recruitment tools for the 9 Regional Control Centres, and on the recruitment of the Regional Control Centre Directors

o    Provided professional support to regional HR leads on the recruitment of all other staff for the Regional Control Centres, including provision of policy guidance

o     Participated in Director and Head of Department recruitment for a number of County Council departments, providing professional HR input to the selection panels

o    Worked collaboratively with regional partners on recruitment into the Fire Service

o    Responsible for recruitment of all primary age phase newly qualified teachers to Northamptonshire schools, through liaison with Head teachers


·     Providing guidance and support on HR problems

    • Re-organisations, restructures, redundancy, TUPE transfers
    • Disciplinary action, including dismissals and appeals, and disciplinary investigations
    • Grievances, and carrying out grievance investigations at a senior manager / director level
    • Providing evidence for tribunal defences as necessary
    • Persistent absence – long term & short term, including implementing capability procedures and providing management training to reduce sickness absence levels within the organisation and thus reduce the cost of absenteeism
    • Job evaluations, including participation on appeals panels, and facilitation of the ‘rank to role’ assimilation within the Fire Service
    • Support decision making on ill-health retirements and provide evidence on appeals both in Local Government and in the Fire & Rescue Service

·     HR policy & procedure development

    • Developed guidance on key HR policies for Regional Fire Control Centres, eg Grievance, Discipline, Job Matching / Job Slotting, Relocation, Redeployment
    • Development and introduction of revised policies and procedures for the FRS in line with a regional approach and CLG guidance, including discussion and negotiation with representative bodies
    • Consultation with representative bodies within Local Government sector over revisions to terms and conditions of employment