HR Guidance & Advice

Best Practice

  • Information and support on best practice approaches to everyday HR matters such as recruitment and selection, performance management, dealing with absences, dealing with disciplinary situations and grievances etc.
  • Awareness raising for Directors and Managers of roles and responsibilities with regards people management.

Capacity Building

  • Help in identifying suitable staff member to carry out transactional HR role.
  • Mentoring and support to staff member in carrying out day to day HR activities.
  • Guidance and advice in developing and implementing policies and procedures.

Case Work & Advice

  • Support in dealing with specific issues / problems:
    • Carrying out grievance / disciplinary investigations & providing reports and recommendations to management / directors.
    • Investigations into allegations of bullying/harassment/discrimination etc, providing reports and recommendations to management / directors.
    • Support in dealing with claims against the organisation or in developing further policies and practices following such a claim.